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With two mass shootings in the past 12 months in Harford County, I participated in a special Civilian Active Shooter Training session taught by Deputy Tom Wehrle, a SWAT/Sniper Team Coordinator. 
 The session was part of an update for alums of the Harford County Citizens' Police Academy. As a candidate, I attended the Citizens' Police Academy because I feel it's important to know the workings of a department that takes up a large part of the budget and provides vital services.
 I was invited to a forum for candidates by the Route 40 Business Association to tell my vision for Harford County. 
 The county is known for its scenic beauty, rural landscape and historic significance. Saving this precious asset is a key to Harford County’s economic success that includes Route 40, which we must redevelop and revitalize, instead of creating more sprawl.
One of the highlights of my career was working as a Deputy Director for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to create a green economy and address climate change. Our work created over a half million jobs  and started a trend to save the environment.  I want to bring forward thinking and innovative ideas to our community to save taxpayers and businesses money, while preserving our quality of life. 
I was honored by The Ventura County Economic Development Association with The Spirit of Government Award for demonstrating a synergistic public/private partnership to ensure economic vitality and quality of life.
Heavy metal and pearls. This is my Mom, Dee Kukurin (R). Widowed at 28 with two kids and one on the way, she became one of the first women contractors to run her own company in Pennsylvania. Catherine Zell (L)  was one of the first women to be appointed VP at a major bank. 

I went on to own my own company and later became the first woman vice president in the 100-year- history of a 5,000 member employer association. 
The keynote speaker at the Harford Land Trust annual membership meeting was Bill Leah, director of Maryland Environmental Trust. I found it interesting to compare notes with him on the status and challenges we both have faced over the years to protect treasured landscapes and natural resources.
 Preserving Harford’s rural beauty, that’s what the Harford Land Trust’s mission is and that’s why I’m a member. We toasted the organization’s past year's achievements at the 26th Annual Membership Meeting with an ale called “Preservation, ” brewed especially for the occasion. Veterans mean a lot to me and I was honored to receive the George Washington Award from the Gold Coast Veterans Foundation for Excellence in Leadership and Citizenship
Board Member Sally LaBarre (L) and I review various projects being planned in Harford County. The Friends organization, which I am a member, is dedicated to being a voice for responsible land use in the county. This is why I support the Susquehannock Wildlife Society and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Karen Hagerman ( L) of Harford County Library  and I discuss our favorite book choices at the Annual Spring Talk luncheon sponsored by the Liriodendron Foundation. Over 85% of all juveniles in the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate. So are 60% of all prison inmates. We need safety nets in our classrooms to ensure those falling behind, don’t get left behind. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. I respond to Harford County council president’s remarks that climate change is fake news at recent meeting.
My Campaign Manager George Harrison and I took a break from the campaign trail to attend the Harford County Public Library Foundations 14th Annual Gala, An Evening in the Stacks.

The  proceeds of the Foundation’s signature event supports a wide range of programs and resources including new technologies, community outreach and STREAM (STEM plus Reading and Art!) programs, and innovative new spaces and collections that will offer people of all ages the opportunity to explore, create, discuss and learn.

Authorization, Friends of Karen Kukurin, Treasurer Rita Scharmann

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