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It’s time for elected officials to put people over politics, “That’s their job and that’s what I will do, not spend time trying to appease the special interests.”


This is what you get when you put politics over the people. It’s time to take a stand.

I love the scenic beauty of Harford County and how it adds to our quality of life. However, sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic and seeing the growth of haphazard development made me realize that if the continuation of --- negligent, reckless, irresponsible --- decisions by Harford County’s elected officials is not stopped, our community will become another overly built, traffic-congested nightmare.

 I don't want that to happen and that's why I'm running for County Council, District C. 

For almost 20 years, an entrenched administration has kept citizens in the dark, while perpetuating favoritism to special interests and large donors.  The County Council has fully supported this travesty.

This cannot continue, and I will make sure it won’t.

Our citizens need an advocate on the Council who will insist upon transparency and putting the needs of the community first. An elected official, who will question how proposals will impact our quality of life and strive to make the right decisions to prevent costly fixes by taxpayers in the future.

 I am the person who can do this.

 I’m a Democrat. In the past, I’ve worked with both Democrats and Republicans on critical issues such as the environment, health care and education and have a track record of galvanizing community, civic and business leaders to achieve goals.  By working together we can make it work in Harford County!


With my extensive experience and track record in the business world and non-profit sector, I will introduce innovative ideas and dynamic leadership to save our quickly fading quality of life, while dismantling the “Good Ol' Boy's Club” that has put special interests over the community for years.

I have 30-plus years in business, government relations and non-profits. I have worked with national, multi-million dollar corporations, served as vice president for a 5,000 member employer organization, whose members employed over 2 million workers and oversaw a legal committee that participated in cases from a state level up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

As Deputy Director for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, I was part of developing a cutting edge green economy which resulted in the creation of half-million new jobs.

My husband, Ron Olsen, is an award-winning journalist who formerly worked at WMAR-TV in Baltimore. We returned to Maryland and were taken by the natural beauty of Harford County. It’s a beautiful  place and I want to keep it that way.

It’s TIME, we can get this done with your support. Please join me.


Take a stand and help defend our community by joining my campaign. You can volunteer or contribute by going to the tabs on the right.

Keep informed by liking and following my Facebook page: Karen Kukurin, Democrat  for Harford County Council C






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